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"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone from Yachad for the wonderful work you did on my house. It was a real pleasure working with the staff and volunteers. They were warmhearted toward me and my family and so helpful in every way. I know my home was in real need of repairs but you all met those challenges with zeal and competence... It was a joy and pleasure working with you all together."

- Yachad Recipient, Homeowner from SE, Washington

What is Yachad?

Yachad is an affordable housing and community development non-profit. Throughout the year, we repair single family homes in Washington, DC and parts of Prince George’s county. We also have our Ramp It Up! program where high school students build an accessibility ramp for a person with disabilities in Prince George’s County. We do our work at no cost to homeowners.

How does Yachad do its work?

Yachad means “together” in Hebrew and that is how we do our work. We do our work in partnership with homeowners that receive our services, volunteers who help with low- and semi-skilled work, and professional contractors who work with us at reduced rates.

Yachad is supported by private donations from individuals and foundations. We also receive grants from partner organizations to support our projects.

How can we help you?

Yachad provides free health and safety repairs to low-income homeowners living in Washington, DC and the following areas in Prince George’s County: Hyattsville, Landover, District Heights, Capitol Heights, and Hillcrest Heights.

Some health and safety repairs addressed by Yachad include: roof repair, plumbing repair, electrical repair, pest control, drywall repair, broken appliance replacement, and accessibility services.

We work on a limited number of homes each year and we want our repairs to affect as many people as possible. When considering applications, Yachad prioritizes multigenerational households and families with children.

If you are interested in applying to Yachad’s Single Family Home Repair Program, call our office at 202-296-8563. We do our repairs in a two cycles. The application deadline is summer for fall repairs and December 1st for spring repairs. There is no harm in applying in between our deadlines, we just ask for your patience in hearing from us.

After completing your application, Yachad staff will review it. We may schedule an appointment to inspect your home and determine the scope of work. Further inspections from our construction manager and estimates from skilled workers may occur. After these steps, the price and content of repairs will be evaluated, and accepted homeowners will be notified.

Homeowners that are accepted into the program, and a majority of adults living in their household, must attend mandatory, free Homeowners Workshops. These workshops are open to the public and are held twice a year. Attendees learn tricks of home maintenance, budgeting skills, and more. To find out more about these workshops, please contact us.


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