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Yachad creates synergies among people and institutions that have a mutual stake in preserving their community. Yachad’s volunteer teams coalesce around an identified need and work together to rebuild and revitalize deteriorating buildings, offering families a new start in their homes. Yachad also works with houses of worship and nonprofit facilities to provide expert real estate professional and construction services to see that their buildings are a welcoming space for those seeking supportive housing, educational, social and community services.

Yachad values each partner’s passions and skill sets, whether volunteers, professionals, donors, or community leaders, and targets their resources to have the most impact. Strategic mobilizing allows Yachad to stretch its dollar and results.


Yachad invests in our community and asks our supporters to do the same. Your contribution pays for roofs, kitchens, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, and drywall. Your dollars enable us to pay professional contractors and purchase materials. Enthusiastic volunteers step in to repair these homes. The homeowners pitch in, are given support and counseling and develop self-reliance and faith to maintain a safe and secure home for themselves and their community.

Our investment is long-lasting. It seeks a return beyond the individual homeowner’s repaired house or community leader’s revitalized center. Yachad strives to empower homeowners and communities with skills, knowledge, and resources that will reach beyond the individual and into the community. Your donation goes farther but stays close to home.


When Yachad works on a home or community facility, the surrounding neighborhood transforms along with the homeowners, clients, donors and volunteers. The reverberations from the improvements on one property ripple throughout a community. Our work transforms families, homes, and neighborhoods.

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