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Audrey Lyon, Executive Director is an attorney with extensive experience in housing and community development. Before coming to Yachad, nearly 18 years ago, Audrey was the Executive Director and senior attorney with Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, a housing advocacy organization in Chicago, Illinois. She is a graduate of Northwestern University and Chicago-Kent School of Law. Although everyone teases her about her absence on work sites, she is the backbone of Yachad.

Lisa Hershey is our Program Director for Jewish Engagement and Community Outreach. Lisa brings over twenty years of experience working in nonprofits and managing educational programs. She is a nonprofit ninja and has done a little bit of everything including communications, teaching, and volunteer management. Social justice and volunteerism are themes that reappear throughout her career. Secretly she likes to paint houses and can't wait to work alongside the community to make a lasting difference.

Robin Renner is our Construction Director. As a little girl Robin wasn't allowed to play with power tools. This made a strong impression on her so once she met a few carpenter friends she tagged along until they paid her and let her play with power tools. Since then she has been building and fixing things for about 25 years, part of that studying architecture. For the last 10 years she has been working with nonprofits to improve homes and neighborhoods by helping homeowners repair their homes. She believes neighborhoods improve when people are proud of their home and feel safe and comfortable in them.

Jennifer Sullivan is our Homeowner Services Coordinator. She is returning to work after staying at home raising her two boys for the past 6 years, She is a former archivist and enjoys putting her organizational skills to good use.

Roy Thillberg has over ten years of experience building new homes. He is a Class A licensed Virgnia builder and a small business owner. He currently resides in Sterling, VA with his family.

Matthew Flyer is our Construction Manager, providing inspection, project supervision and management skills to all of our projects.

Board of Directors

George Brown
John Eichberg
Scott Burka
Rochelle Grossman
Alan Kanner
Roxanne Littner
Audrey Rutkove
Benjamin Funk
Ilan Scharfstein
Louis Tenenbaum
Dahn Warner
Joshua Weinberg

Advisory Board

Dan Ehrenberg
Michael Allen
Hazel Broadnax
George Brown
Nancy Taylor Bubes
Pastor Joseph Daniels
Carol Steinbach
Edward Kopf
Nancy Kopf
Jerry Levine
Alan Meyers z”l
Pastor Marlow Mitchell
Irma Poretsky
David Reznick z”l
Rabbi Amy Schwartzman
Martin Blank
Marcia Weinberg
Nina Weissberg
Tina Small

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